The divorce can be one of the most stressful events of anyone’s life no matter whatever circumstances and reasons are because of the separation. After divorce, many other legal matters need to handle, and child custody is one of those important matters. Child custody is one of the toughest and stressful aspects of separation both for parents and the child itself. To make sure the best interest of your child and for the best mental and physical development parents need to make the best possible arrangements and plans for the custody of the child. It is suggested to avail of the services of an expert family lawyer in this critical matter so that you may not unintentionally commit some essential elements for a child custody plan.

Though there is lots of flexibility available in drafting the plan for custody of the child but still there are few elements that must be part of the agreement when planning the custody of the child. There are multiple child custody arrangements available in UAE as per law. All custody arrangements describe what type of custody will be given to both parents and who has custody of the child.

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Single custody gives one parent both physical and legal custody of the child. In the case of Join custody, both parents share the physical or/and legal custody of the child. In the case of multiple children split custody can be opted where the legal and physical custody of children is split between both parents. All these things depend upon the circumstances around us. Usually, parents mutually decide on this important and critical matter but in case of dispute the case may be taken to court; the court will decide on the best interest of the child after analyzing every factor.

Visitation schedule

It is one of the essential elements to make sure that children can meet both parents. The proper visitation schedule outlines when and how much time will kid spend with the other parent. The visitation rights of either parent are mentioned, and the complete schedule will have the following elements.

  • A weekday schedule: The basic schedule that must be followed through the year that outlines when the child is with each parent.
  • A holiday schedule: The schedule will have instructions with whom the child will spend the summer break, school break, other holidays and special occasions.
  • Vacation time: The alternate schedule for school breaks and vacations.
  • Special events: If there are any special or one-time events then there can be changes made in a normal schedule for the specific purpose.

Responsibility for decisions Regarding Children’s care and Upbringing

This is a very huge responsibility as the decisions made at the early stage of a child’s life regarding his/her upbringing can have a huge impact on a child’s life which will remain with him/her throughout life. Therefore, the agreement must mention how much and to what extent the non-custodial parent will be involved in making a child’s major life decisions including healthcare, religion, and education.

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Deciding Children’s expenses

The agreement of custody of the child should mention that who will pay and bear the expenses of the child, who will bear the major expenses including education and healthcare. The agreement must have the details of how much custodial and non-custodial both parents will contribute.

Duration of an agreement

This is one of the most important elements to ensure the effectiveness of the agreement. The circumstances may change so the custody of the child too can change. Therefore, it is very essential to mention the duration of the agreement while deciding for the custody of the child. 

Relocation provision of custodial parents

As circumstances change the custodial parent might need to relocate for a job or other purposes from one place to another. Therefore, lawyer and parents must make sure to add the provision of relocation that what will happen in this whether the custody of the child will change or will remain the same. 

Communication between Parents

It is very important to mention the mode of communication between parents as what and how to contact in emergencies, what if there is any change in visitation schedule and other such important matters.

Disputes and their solution in the case of disagreements 

The disputes can and will arise in this situation. The personal and professional life of a custodial and non-custodial parent can change. In case if one of a parent creates any dispute and disagrees with the custodial plan in the future then there should be a backup for this. The agreement must include complete details that how such disputes will be resolved and what process will be opted in this case. Therefore, the agreements must be realistic. 

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