Debt Collection Finland

Having problems while getting your company invoice from a Finnish debtor who is whether in Turku, Oulu, or Pori? Well, worry no more for we have brought you the entire scenario of debt collection in Finland. Just keep reading until the end. Recovering debt from overseas clients is sometimes frustrating. We have an associates debt collection agency that helps you to recover your debts through our associate lawyers. Hire the lawyer in Finland at affordable prices at no win no fee policy

Finland, as an independent state, has its norms and regulations when it comes to its trading culture. At times, the debt collection and debt recovery become troublesome. To avoid that, contacting the our associates debt recovery team should be your initial step. Our associate lawyers having the knowledge and experience of years will make sure to get you your money back with the condition of no fee if there is no win for you in your recovery matter, this policy is by the lawyer in Finland.

We, lawyer in Finland, care for our Valuable Clients

Before divulging into something serious, there are a few suggestions for you that may come handy while dealing with your debtor. Contacting and letting your debtor know your concern about your missing money would be the first thing to do. You have every right to ask away why your invoice has not been paid even after the deadline. You can send a reminding stating clearly all the details of the invoice along with the payment period in days. If he has forgotten about it he will pay your invoice but if he is deliberately delaying it then here is when we come in.

Why you need us?

Well not to mention the fact that our lawyers are highly competent of Finnish legislation and norms it is also more credible to persuade a debtor through the power of a lawyer. In addition to this if you have opted for judicial intervention then our assistance will cut your costs both time and money. We believe in ‘no win no fee’ policy. Hire the best lawyer in Finland. 

With the presence of a professional in your case, you can only get the best of the best advice. It is not only straightforward but following your debt collection case since each case is different.

Finland has a distinct debt collection procedure as every state. Two stages are involved in debt recovery from Finnish debtor. These are extrajudicial procedures and judicial procedures.

  • Basics of Extrajudicial Procedure 

In the extra judicial procedure, we tend to avoid court intervention as it is both expensive and time-consuming. During this stage, lawyers contact the debtor to demand your money. This may be done through calling or writing to the debtor. This then leads to a payment arrangement and mutual decision of payment time. If the debtor fails to pay, then the last step of the extrajudicial procedure is announcing the legal proceedings as a warning. 

  • Judicial Procedure

Usually, as a result of it, debtors often resort to paying. But if they don’t then you need not worry about as a legal procedure can follow through.

In judicial debt collection, a court intervenes. Before that our lawyers can make you aware of the entire circumstances, the likelihood of your winning against the debtor, and also of the potential costs on the case. We will never proceed to a court without your permission so knowing everything in advance will give you an upper hand later.

European Order for Payment proceedings | Lawyer in Finland.

The European guidelines regarding payment proceedings include that European Order for Payment proceedings can be commenced in case of an undisputed claim between two parties. This applies to countries that are EU members. It will be your lawyer’s assessment according to the case you need not worry. The procedure goes by the creditor submitting a form by which the court issues a claim that the debtor can accept or deny in 30 days. If the debtor does not respond the case automatically makes the payment final. 

There are advantages to this procedure such as being inexpensive and speedy. But at the same time, one has to bear in mind the disadvantage that is if the debtor disputes it then the proceeding ends. With nothing achieved from this procedure, the creditor may opt civil proceeding which is both expensive and time taking. But again it is all up to you how you want to go about the situation. 

No Win No Fee

We care for our clients therefore we have a “No Win No Fee” rule for you. This is because sometimes your debtor won’t give your payments so we don’t want you to overburden you with our fee. Hence, we make it easier for our customers who are already facing debt issues.

The Final Verdict

Summing it up with a reminder that you can contact us for your debt recovery for we not only offer the most competent lawyers but also assist you at every point either it is judicial or extrajudicial. Don’t believe it? Come and experience yourself!

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