Lawyers in Bangladesh

Our associate’s legal consultants or lawyers in Bangladesh offering a multi-capacity and one-stop law office in Dhaka that offers devoted lawful types of assistance to its homegrown and worldwide customers.

The individuals and partners of the law firm are experts with long stretches of involvement behind them. They carry the best proficient administrations to customers guaranteeing proficient honesty and sound moral practices.  Our associates provide legal assistance in each city of Bangladesh, including Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, Sylhet, Bogura, Cumilla, Barishal, and others, with the support of our partner advocates. We will most likely provide exceptional legal types of assistance to our customers with dedication and to secure their protected and legitimate rights by guaranteeing their preferences.


Any legal procedure or debate emerging out of land or in-regard of land, all the more explicitly the idea of suit or case incorporates however not restricted by the followings;

a. Presentation of Title

b. Recuperation of Possession

c. Directive

d. Crossing out of Deeds/Instruments

e. Expulsion

f. Explicit Performance of Contract

g. Records and Mutation

h. Land review court issues

I. Segment

j. Cash

k. Little Causes

l. Procedures on the issue of moving area via deal, blessing (Heba), contract, rent, trust, wills, probate, settlement, permit contract available to be purchased (Baina), and so on


Divorce is the solitary legitimate way for ending a Marriage other than a demonstration of God having its effect for a long here and there in any event, for the life of the worry parties as well as the people groups associated with the quick past family. Separate from conceives an offspring of numerous issues, for the most part, lawful issues subsequently official actions in various courts and the legal counselors from lawyers are the devoted and sure companion to the people groups for a safe way out from such inconveniences. In Bangladesh, at the current days, separate has its non-tantamount recommendation for one or the other side of the isolating couples which is certainly not an out happened to the law or rules for Divorce itself yet for some unessential issues.

The Muslim Family Law Ordinance, 1961, which expresses the law and arrangements for separation, is the sole systematized law in Bangladesh that governs Muslims. For the people groups of other religions like Christian and Buddhists, there are various standards and laws yet for the Hindus still, there is no systematized law in Bangladesh. The principles for marriage and separation have been managed by the authoritative establishment announced on considering just as taking the individual laws on representing the Muslims called Shariah Ain. In the Western world, gatherings require legal counselors or lawyers for separation or partition; however, in many cases, when one gathering needs to isolate from his/her accomplice, the other party acknowledges a similar, which transforms into a connection nothing certain, and after that, the gathering having a latent part in separate attempted to stop the division. In Bangladesh, the Divorce Lawyers have posed an inquiry before beginning separation measure is whether his accomplice can record a criminal body of evidence against him or not. Offering separation to his accomplice is a legal right of the spouse perceived parents in law and the equivalent is an unconstrained right

There are not many law chambers or firms in Dhaka rehearsing family matters among those Lawyers. Bangladesh is one of the driving Family Law professionals in Bangladesh. In our country, divorce or family matters are associated with support, dower, and another criminal in nature issues.


We give discretion backing to the accompanying issues remembering arrangement and intervention for both National and International fields;

1. Common Disputes

2. Monetary/Commercial Disputes

3. Organization Disputes

4. Court procedures looking for Arbitration (Lower and Higher Court)

5. Arrangement and Mediation in forthcoming court procedures

6. Any ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) matters concerning Bangladeshi Citizens.

IMMIGRATION ( Lawyers in Bangladesh )

Our associates Lawyers in Bangladesh are serving to both families Green Card interaction and E-VISA measure which is otherwise called Green Card through an interest in America.

Two sorts of administration are accessible at this point;

1. Just Legal help both in Bangladesh and the USA

2. Whole assistance till endorsement for E-VISA decidedly followed by Green Card.

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