Saying goodbye to Dubai is one of the most difficult aspects of ex-pat life. It is important to follow certain steps when leaving a city and moving on in order to ensure a smooth transition. To make sure you leave Dubai without incident, here is a checklist.


You may find it difficult to leave Dubai when your visa or employment contract expires. Some ex-pats choose to move back home or seek out fresh experiences abroad. There are many things to take into account before saying farewell to Dubai, regardless of the cause. Making sure you don’t overlook any important duties before leaving the UAE is ensured by this moving out of Dubai checklist.


The first item on your moving-out of-Dubai checklist must be the revocation of your UAE visa. You must let your employer know as soon as you know that you will be departing the country. Before leaving the country, you must revoke both your visa and the visas of any dependents.

It is crucial to cancel your visa if you are employed in Dubai under an employer-sponsored visa. This is a required step if your contract is up or if you are quitting your work. While your visa is revoked, you must temporarily turn over your passport.

Your departure could be delayed if you don’t do that. You can also be flagged by the immigration system as an absconder. Therefore, while making a checklist for leaving Dubai, put the cancellation of the resident visa at the top of the list.

After submitting a cancellation request, be careful to check the status of your UAE visa to see if your application has been accepted. Following the cancellation, you will have 30 days to depart the country. Heavy overstaying fines apply if you continue to reside in the UAE after this grace period has ended.


Debt cancellation is a further critical stage in the procedure. Debt non-payment is a crime that can result in arrest and a possible prison sentence. If you have any liabilities, immigration officials may prevent you from boarding a plane.

Before leaving the country, you must pay off all debts and close any open credit accounts.


Following the acceptance of your resignation, you will be expected to work for a mandatory amount of time. You should apply for your gratuity payout during this time (if applicable). Give both you and the business adequate time to complete the process.


It would be a good idea to terminate your Dubai-based bank accounts once you have decided to depart from Dubai permanently. In Dubai, closing a bank account is a straightforward process. You must visit the branch with your passport and Emirates ID to fill out and submit a closure form. The bank may provide you with cash or move your funds to another bank (outside of the UAE).

Clear your Utility Bills

To seek payment of final invoices, get in touch with the utility companies’ customer care offices. Services like phones, TV, internet, water, and power would be included. You must ask them to deactivate your services after paying your debts in full. It may take several trips to DEWA’s offices to request disconnection from Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). In the meanwhile, you only need to contact the customer service centers to cancel your phone, TV, and internet contracts.


Things will be simpler if you are leaving after your contract. As per the time frame provided in the contract, you can advise the landlord of your intentions. A tenancy arrangement can be broken, but it’s not easy. The clauses in the contract can be handled in a variety of ways. If it falls within the duration of the contract, you can be required to pay an extra month’s rent. Find an agreement that benefits both parties by negotiating with your landlord. Be sure to follow all RERA requirements for tenants.


A parent relocating out of Dubai should also include getting the school transfer certificate. When applying for admission to a new school, you must provide it. If you want to leave before the conclusion of the school year, you should also get in touch with the administration of the school to find out if you will be reimbursed for your advance tuition payments.


Before you leave the country, it is advised that you seek professional counsel from tax attorneys or accountants to make sure there are no outstanding tax debts.

We have completed our checklist for departing Dubai. In addition to considering the duties listed below, it is advised that you resolve a few issues about your pet if you have one. If you have a car, you might want to consider selling it. Before leaving the nation, keep in mind that you must settle any outstanding traffic fines and revoke your Salik tag.