There are some rules & regulations of every country that everyone is bound to follow and one cannot just simply violate and ignore them at any cost. Similarly, there are some strict laws in Dubai; UAE for anyone who is leaving the emirates, and violating and ignoring those rules & laws can have serious consequences on the person. There is a lot for one to consider before leaving.

 The most important things to consider and take seriously are:

 Visas and Employment

 There are some rules in law on employment and visa in Dubai, UAE that one needs to strictly follow.

  • You will need to hand over your passport to the employer if in case your contract is ending so that employer can cancel your residence visa.
  • Delay or failure to do can mark you as an absconder and will ultimately delay your departure from the country.
  • you must demand your statement payment from an employer and gratuity payout as the embassy does not involve in such disputes and you may need to contact the Ministry of Labor or relevant lawyers.
  • In the case of self-termination from a job, you must provide notice within the required period of time.

Make sure to return all medical cards before leaving.

 Accounts, credit cards, and loans must make sure to clear all loans and debts before leaving Dubai, UAE. As debt collection is taken as a very serious matter in UAE and is regarded as criminal activity. So, the one leaving Dubai must keep in mind the following things. The non-payment of debts is a criminal offense in Dubai and all over the emirates so make sure to clear all your debts or otherwise you may sentence to jail with hefty fines and penalties.

 ● Make sure to close the bank accounts that are not required anymore.

 ● Request the clearance letter from the bank as laws for debt collection in UAE are very strict.

 ● Make sure to clear all loans, credit cards & overdrafts. The process may take up to two months.

 ● Keep a record of all the documents related to the bank.

 ● Leave your address for future correspondence in future


 ● there are also laws for accommodation in Dubai and all over the emirates. The person leaving Dubai, UAE must consider the following things

 ● Give prior notice to your landlord which should be in accordance with your lease.

 ● Get utility clearance certificates for all bills.

 ● You must cancel your home contents insurance policy.

 ● Make sure to collect any deposits which are outstanding from the utility or phone companies.

 ● Make sure you cancel all the contracts with phone & internet companies and TV providers.

 ● Cancel all the services including newspapers that are delivered to your doorstep.

 ● Collect the outstanding deposits from the landlord and return the keys to the owner.

 Cars and Possessions

  • The laws of Dubai, UAE are very serious and strict in this case as well. Before leaving Dubai, a person should make sure to fulfill the following terms & conditions:
  • You will need to get the legal facilitation of a lawyer if you want to sell or rent the property in Dubai, UAE before leaving Dubai as it is a legal matter and one needs to follow all the laws.
  • Make sure to provide the required notice in the contract in case of renting out the property or you may be liable for further payment.

Sell out your car.

  • You may give power of attorney to anyone to sell the car on your behalf or if you have the power of attorney you will need to hire the lawyer for the procedure to proceed further.


  • UAE has one of the strict traffic laws & regulations in the world. If you owe any fine you must pay it as it is regarded as debt and laws and penalties for debt collection are very serious. Keep in mind the following things before leaving Dubai, UAE:
  • Make sure to pay all the outstanding traffic fines.
  • If you own a Salic Tag make sure to cancel it.
  • When you sell a car your respective insurance company may offer a rebate.
  • Make sure that you get your shipping insured also consider the cost of storage if you are taking your belongings somewhere else.