Many foreign sponsors are paying attention to buying a property in the UAE with the help of property lawyers in Dubai, and most of them are looking at Dubai as their dream destination. There are a number of reasons why Dubai is the most wanted location in the UAE. For beginners, it has a thriving economy due to its trade and tourism. It also has numerous exceptional architectural marvels similar to the Burj Khalifa, which is measured as one of the tallest buildings in the world. Not to point out, the many luxurious facilities this emirate can offer as well as its vibrant nightspots and top-of-the-line hotels.

These are the factors that make Dubai the perfect place to settle in, but before you make a decision to invest in the UAE, it’s imperative that you understand and know Sharia Law means Islamic Law.

Sharia: an ethical code of Islam

Sharia is the ethical code of Islam and it’s a wide subject that deals with many topics together with economics, crime, personal matters, and politics. But we are obtainable to focus more on the most critical issue that most refugees and foreign investors come across in the UAE – legacy under Sharia Law.

Islamic law defines four duties to be performed

According to Islamic Law, there are four indispensable duties that need to be fulfilled when a property owner dies as well as get accomplished by property advocates in Dubai and these will include the following:

1. The debts of the departed or deceased must be paid. 
2. Interment and Funeral expenses must be paid in full. 
3. To carry out the last will and testament of the deceased. This gives the proprietor of the will the right to hand out one-third of their property according to their wishes. 
4. The residual estate will be distributed to instant relatives and family based on rules of priority.