Legal translation requires qualified persons who can implement his skills as per the original source context. The legal documents certified by a legal translator, who himself is an expert and authorized person to do such translation. Legal translations are required for official use. Legal translation  Dubai means the translation of text according to the law of Dubai. Whenever the law of any country is analyzed, it is observed to be culture-dependent and many terms are based on the religion of that country.

The legal system should be kept in mind while doing the legal translation. Legal translation of any text is considered to be a complex task. The legal translator needs to be aware of legal system of both the source text and the target text.

Different sort of documents can be translated. These documents include:

  •       Translation of Contracts and commercial agreements.
  •       Translation of Education certificates.
  •     Translation of applications.
  •       Translation of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates.
  •      Translation of court orders.
  •       Translation of power of attorneys.
  •       Translation of medical reports and certificates.
  •       Translation of bank account details.
  •       Translation of Purchase orders and invoices.

The legal translator should convert the source text to the target text in such way that the context of both the texts remains same.  A legal translator should be a master of both the languages. Not a single mistake can be acceptable in legal translations in Dubai as that mistake can lead to rejection of the application for which the document was legally translated. Reputation of legal translator can get affected due to wrong translation.

Some of the important points while deciding about the legal translator are the followings:

  •        Experienced legal translator
  •         Certified legal translator
  •        Preferably a professional lawyer, who understands law of both countries and languages