Legalizing the documents for official use is a compulsory procedure which is mandatory for any lawful purposes for MOFA attestation Procedure. UAE ex-pats need to authorize and register their documents for making them authenticated and workable for the official use. Ministry of affairs provides the facility to attest to the documents of the ex-pats from the originating country. Once the document is stamped and sealed by the Ministry of Affairs (MOFA), the document can be used by the holder for any official or legal purposes in UAE.

Types of attestation by MOFA:

Ministry of Affairs (MOFA) UAE, attests the documents for different lawful and legal purposes. The attestation is done to validate the proceedings of the holder’s procedures for specific tasks. MOFA is serving the following types of attestation services to the public of UAE.

Inbound MOFA attestation:

Apropos to UAE law, it is compulsory to attest to the certificates of the homeland from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalizing their stay in UAE. The applicant may intend to stay individually or with family in UAE for job purposes or merely applying for a family visa. The attestation of certificates is mandatory in any case.

Outbound Attestation

People, who intend to move out of UAE, need to get the documents attested by MOFA. The outbound attestation by MOFA facilitates the attestation of the certificates of the people moving abroad. Our associate lawyers of offer the services in getting both the inbound and outbound attestation of the certificates by MOFA. Our expert team guides the client about the complete process and requisites for document attestation.

Documents attested by MOFA

The following documents are attested by MOFA.

Educational Certificates

For jobs and employment, the first and the foremost requirement is to get the documents attested. This attestation legalizes the service documents of the individuals. Mostly the educational documents include Matriculation certificates, Degrees, Intermediate mark sheets, Computer diploma, Technical diploma, Nursing diploma, etc.

Personal Documents

Personal documents are also attested by MOFA which include a Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Divorce certificate, Death certificate, Police clearance certificate, Transfer certificate, and many more.

Professional documents

The documents for MOFA attestation procedure may include Articles of association, Memorandum of Association, Board Resolutions, Invoices, Partnership deed, Registration. But few documents are not attested by the MOFA. These are enlisted hereunder:

  • Passports
  • Identity cards
  • Domiciles
  • The documents related to immovable property

How MOFA Attestation Procedure works ?

According to the UAE Law, the documents must be attested first by the authorities issuing them. Then these documents must further be attested by the UAE embassy located in that specific country. The documents need to be attested by the various government departments and then submitted to MOFA for the final attestation. The seal and signature by the MOFA officials or minister make it workable for applying for a family visa or other purposes. The attestation done by MOFA is the final attestation of the documents to be used for different processes in the UAE. MOFA validates the documents from other countries to be authenticated to use in UAE. In case of the fake document, MOFA reserve the right to take legal action against the person and he may be charged with fines, penalties, and punishment. According to UAE law, faking any document is a crime and if found guilty, people are subject to legal consequences.

Purpose of MOFA attestation

MOFA attestation validates the following process of documentation:

  • ∙ For the attainment of employer visa and labor card
  • ∙ For higher studies
  • ∙ For residence visa
  • ∙ To venture international business opportunities

It should further be noted that it takes only a few days for the MOFA attestation, but in case of emergency, the attestation can be done on the same day. Associates services for MOFA Attestation:

Our associate lawyers assist the clients in getting the documents attested by MOFA and ease the process of making it valid for getting the process done smoothly. Any attestation that needs to be done before the submission to MOFA is guided by our experienced lawyers and make the case foolproof for presenting it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You may be from any country of the world; our associate lawyers make your documents prepared in a way that it may be worthy of presenting in MOFA with ease and confidence.