The term Notary can be defined as a certified and authentic person who is certified by the government to perform some specific tasks as per the law. Notarization is a very important and in-demand subject in the UAE. There are specific notary public services in UAE such as Notary Public Dubai, Notary Public Sharjah, notary public dubai and many more to cater to the needs of clients within specific areas. In the past, only public officials were eligible to notarize the documents.They were handed the responsibility to check the type of document, credibility and whether the law permits them to sign or attest respective documents. Now the government has allowed the lawyers of UAE to act as notary service providers. This new initiative has made it possible to get notary services all over the UAE.


Our associates provide notarization and attestation services for many types of documents such as power of attorney, a general power of attorney,Memorandum of Association, endorsement of signature, various types of agreements and similar.

Notarization of documents is a very important subject as the authenticity of documents is mandatory for every government or private companies and institutes. Notarized documents are proof of the credibility and authenticity of documents and are regarded as the best way to avoid any fake or forged documents.The notary acts as a witness to the authenticity of documents as he signed it without any pressure and after complete satisfaction. There are only a number of documents that are usually notarized either through private or public notary services. The following documents are commonly used,

It is the most common and frequently used document for setting up a business in the UAE. It is a legal document which is made upon the registration and formation of a company and defines the role of shareholders. It is a public document that serves the purpose of providing basic information such as the company’s name, shareholders’ names, share distribution, and address of the office.


The Private Notary service aims to provide effective services to make them more convenient for businesses and residents. Considering the growing population of Sharjah and the need for a broad range of services, the notary services will be handled electronically over a website linked to the Sharjah Court.Our associated notary public Sharjah can deliver the best private notary services in Sharjah. Our associated notary public Sharjah assures that their approach is always professional and assists clients in any circumstances. Our notary services involve verifying the date of customary documents and notarizing all declarations.

Following types of Documents are notarized.

Company Documents

All kinds of company documents are notarized by notary public Sharjah

Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate is an important document and is notarization is also essential. It is included in our services

Education Certificate

Every sort of education certificate is notarized

Power of Attorney

This document has a lot of significance in property or business related matter. Its notarization comes under our scope of services


Our associated notary public Abu Dhabi, notary public dubai has usually been dedicated on becoming a trusted notary service provider. They offer high-quality resolution when notarization is required within tight deadlines. Our private notary has progressively developed to top notary service providers all over the emirates of Abu Dhabi. They are amalgamated to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction, high level of professionalism.Our associated notary public in Abu Dhabi has been certified by the ministry of Abu Dhabi judicial department to deliver Private Notary services. Earlier, only elected public officials situated in government buildings across Abu Dhabi were permitted to notarize documents for official purposes. Though, assigned Abu Dhabi lawyers may now deliver the notary service to Abu Dhabi based individuals or companies.

  • ID card certification
  • Legal translation
  • Original documents attestation
  • Agreements
  • Duly attested terms and conditions
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