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Notary Public Services In Dubai

We will transfer your inquiry towards private notary public provider in UAE. Notarization is the process of giving proof of authenticity for a specified document and gets it ready for government institutions to attest it without any problem. Notarization and attestation services are very important and common needs of people in Dubai who are looking to attest or verify their documents for various purposes. We provide notary services in Dubai for every person who is looking to notarize a power of attorney, Endorsement of Signature, Agreement of sales and purchase and many more. We offer private notary services to assist people in their daily matters. Both companies and individuals often require attested documents to complete verification for different business purposes.

There are certain laws and rules designed and implemented in Dubai to facilitate people in different matters. There are notary public services available for every state of UAE such as notary public Dubai, notary public Ajman, and notary public Abu Dhabi, etc. The offices of a notary public are present in every part of Dubai and UAE. Lawyers in Dubai can’t notarize or attest to any documents according to the laws of Dubai. These law firms are registered who are authorized to notarize different documents and make it viable for people to get them attested from the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Following documents can be notarize by our associates such as Memoranda of Association of LLCs, Joint Liability Company, Agreements for the Appointment of local Service Agent, Local Agent, Agreement of selling Boat and Vessel, Addendum of Memoranda of Association of LLCs, Joint Liability of Company, Annulment of Memoranda of Association of LLCs, Joint Liability Company, and agreement of appointment of local service agent. Endorsement of signature and Job offers, judicial notices and minutes of Meeting, Declaration of unemployment, Intellectual property, canceling Power of Attorney, withdrawing claim and complaint of residency, Special Power Of Attorneys and General Powers of Attorney of different types.

There is one thing to remember for notarization of documents from private notary services. The documents should be in English or Arabic language otherwise, a sworn translator will be required to translate the document before the notarization. Provide original documents along with supporting documents to verify your credentials and proof of identification. Our associates can help you a great deal in notary public services In Dubai by offering the following services.

  • Notarize documents and contracts of your business or for personal matters.
  • Authenticate the signatures and documents as part of the business registration.
  • Notarize or attest affidavits, power of attorney and wills, on request.
  • You will need to provide original documents with copies. You will also need to provide supporting documentation, especially identification documents.

We help people to get their required documents to notarize and attested by our associates in public notary services. We have associations with registered law firms and private notary services who have a good and reputable reputation in notarization and attestation. It is a great responsibility to verify the documents and mark them as authentic and credible for further use in matters of domestic and commercial matters.

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