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Attestation of documents is an official process in which an official stamp or sign is attached with the document to be attested and is verified & signed by official personnel, entity, board, or any legally authorized person.

Common documents requiring UAE attestation services

Some documents require attestation in Dubai and all over the Emirates to avoid any dispute or fraud in the future. Otherwise, there can be serious consequences for doing fraud or submitting fake documents. In Dubai and other Emirates of UAE following documents require attestations.


Attestation of Academic Certificates: Academic Certificates or Educational Certificates are legal documents that confirm the level of your education and are required to support your claim. In Dubai, and other Emirates of UAE you need to have attested educational documents for the job. Companies that hire employees in Dubai have this requirement. To make sure that the document an employee is presenting is true and not based on fraud and needs to attest by the required authorized person or body.

Attestation of Birth Certificate: According to the laws of the UAE, parents need to attest to the birth certificate of their child if they want to sponsor him/her. However, it can be a long process and can take much time. The document must contain the full name of the child, place of birth, date of birth, parent’s name, etc.

Attestation of Death Certificate: The governing authority in UAE might ask for an attested death certificate of the person while dealing with matters related to assets distribution and other such matters. This document contains a person’s full name, place of death, date of death, etc.

Attestation of Marriage Certificate: This document is compulsory that legally verifies that the couple is legally bounded and can live under the same roof. The attested marriage certificate is also required for the processing of sponsorship papers or when one spouse wants to visit to meet a spouse in another country. The UAE law stipulates that the minimum wage of a person should not be less than AED 4,000 when someone wants to sponsor.

Attestation of Medical Certificate: The attested medical certificate verifies the health condition of a person and all other treatments are stated in certificate that person is currently taking or have undergone in the past. According to the law this is required when a couple wishes to get married in UAE to verify and as evidence for the health condition of both before getting married. Some companies also require the attested medical certificate to make sure that person is medically fit to perform the duties & responsibilities of the job. This implies in Dubai and all over the Emirates.

Attestation Certificate for UAE: This step involves a series of steps and general flow for attesting documents if in case they are issued outside the UAE. However, it does not apply to every single attestation in Dubai. The whole step is as:

● The UAE embassy in your country must attest the document that you require

● After the attestation from the UAE’s embassy, the document will be forwarded to Foreign Affairs for legitimacy

● After these two steps, the document will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE for further verification. The MOFA will review the documents before attesting them. After attestation, the official stamp of MOFA will be attached.

Attestation services in Dubai – Document Attestation for the United Arab Emirates

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