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What is a contract and Construction?

Any agreement enforceable by law between two or more parties for doing or not doing anything is termed as a contract”. Thereby the parties who are willing to agree on certain terms to do any activity or not to do any specified task, for a stipulated time period, is deemed to be under a contract according to law.

 The failure to comply with the terms settled in the contract may result in the breach of contract. Any contract made in accordance to the development and improving infrastructure, involving any sort of engineering work or any kind of work which enhances the monetary value of the property, comes under the Construction Contract.

Developing infrastructure is the backbone of every economic sector, and is a never-ending process, but this needs to be done through various rules and regulations, to save the parties to the contract from ambiguities and breach of contract. These laid down policies by law help in the effective and fool proof implementation of the contract. The fastest growing Construction sector of UAE depicts its remarkable law enforcement and specific standards.

 Dubaidebtrecovery.com (DDR) reinforces the high standards laid down by the UAE government, by timely and pro-actively guiding its clients for execution of the contract. The highly experienced and competent associate lawyers of DDR attain the complete knowledge of emerging trends of the marketplace, hence enabling the clients to establish fruitful contracts.

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For the swarming industry of construction Dubaidebtrecovery.com offers the client with in-depth information and guidance. The services offered by the team of associate lawyers are not only for the Emirates of Dubai but also extended to the other emirates including Abu Dhabi (which serves as the capital), Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. The expertise shared by the team of Dubaidebtrecovery.com enables the clients to ace in the business ventures of construction and saves them from the unforeseen losses. Predominantly DDR not only provide the services for making a contract but also keep on updating the clients with the latest market impacts, favorable and unfavorable investments, hence mitigating the risk factor.

Construction Proposals and Contracts

To come into a contract the parties need to bid for the projects and punch in the proposals. Apropos to the proposal writing and filing, Dubaidebtrecovery.com team aids the clients in making the best proposals which help to gain huge amounts of profits for the clients and saves them from losses by mentoring the client from claiming unfavorable bid-points. On the rejection of any proposal DDR assist the client to make the proposal suitable to both the parties. For the parties with the successful approval of the proposals or the other parties approaching DDR only for contract making, the associate lawyers of DDR facilitate the clients in drafting the contracts. All the complications and facilitations related to the contact are discussed with the clients beforehand. Various terms, requisites, clauses, conditions and exemptions are in detailed discussed with the contractors.

Financial Matters in Contract and Construction

As Dubaidebtrecovery.com offers a wide range of legal services, thereby they also cater the issues related to financial transactions. In case of any unpaid amount, either full or partial, due to the client, DDR associate lawyers help the client in recovering the amount by law. The implications of taxation, contingent expenses or foreseen changes in the fiscal policies are all enumerated to the clients.

Claims and disputes

As a facilitator the DDR team helps the contractors in construction claims including extension in the time period, construction site conditions, changes in the designs or defects in the construction works. The construction advocates in UAE, shelters and facilitates the parties to contract at any point of misappropriation. In case of arousal of any dispute between the parties the construction lawyers of Dubai deal the parties through negotiations and guide them under the construction law of UAE for settlement. Construction advocates in UAE strictly adhere to the laws promulgated by the government under the Construction Act, as even the slightest negligence in any aspect may lead to loss of lives, deaths and heavy financial losses. The losses to any party may result into heavy penalties and fines or even discontinuation of projects by the government or either party. Therefore, the construction lawyers in Dubai assist the client from the point of bid and proposal to the end of performance of the contract.
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