Criminal Lawyers in Sharjah

Excellence of anything is the essence of experience, passion, ownership, and skills. We Dubaidebtrecovery.com are a team of pioneer associate lawyers serving as Criminal Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, UAE for more than 25 years to protect the rights of the people and organizations from criminal offenses and saving them from illegitimate liabilities and punishments. The matters of criminal nature are dealt with very passionately and responsibly by our highly seasoned associate lawyers. They strictly adhere to the rules and a regulation imposed by the government of UAE and facilitates the client to the best possible practices.

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 Federal crimes or other criminal litigations are handled profoundly by the criminal advocates in Sharjah, UAE. Starting from the police investigation, to the final verdict, our highly experienced and competent team of associate lawyers serves on every step of the prosecution. The criminal lawyers of Dubaidebtrecovery.com have vast experience in dealing with every kind of criminal case and can aptly apply all the sections under criminal law. May it be residents or expatriates, the criminal lawyers in Sharjah passionately take the pains of the clients and smartly relieve the clients from unjust troubles.

The associate criminal lawyers of Dubaidebtrecovery.com are proudly offering services as the pioneer amongst the Criminal Law firms for 25 years, in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. Our seasoned associate criminal lawyers have immense and in-depth knowledge of criminal code of conduct and stay updated with changes within the policies or procedures.

What is Crime?

Apropos to the UAE Law, to classify any act or conduct under the term crime, we must understand the legal status for holding any act or conduct of a person as a crime under the UAE law. Crime is illegitimate, illegal, or unlawful act by an individual, group or organization which is punishable by law and authorities. The criminal act may lead to punishments, fines, or penalties to the accused.

Types of criminal law cases covered under UAE Criminal Law:

To classify the type of crimes under the head of crime, it must be known that the UAE law has enlisted the following acts under crime head:
violation :of traffic rules and not abiding to the signals and rules result under the civil disobedience and is a crime in the eye of law. The person responsible for such act of violation need to pay fines or penalties or in certain cases may face imprisonment.
• Conspiracy
• Absconding
• Wrong use of power
Cyber crime: The law of UAE protects the privacy of every individual and covers all the aspects of cyber crimes. This is the most comprehensive Cyber law in the world which covers a wide range of offenses. The cyber crimes may include hacking, banking frauds, uploading any unethical and inappropriate material on the internet, disturbing someone’s privacy, or misusing some else’s account or even clicking on someone’s pictures without permission. The punishments of these may result in fines, penalties or sometimes imprisonment based on the loss of the grieved party. Our team of associate criminal lawyers has extensive knowledge and vast experience of dealing cyber crime cases with expertise and full confidence. Our highly trained team deals with great efficiency and efficacy, numerous cyber crimes every day, may it be committed in any emirates of UAE.
• Human right violation
• Financial crimes
• crimes are money-related crimes in which a person intentionally illegitimately uses money, property, or financial instruments. The main purpose of the criminal is the personal financial gain. At times, due to the lack of knowledge or by fraud, the crime is manipulated by the third party, which entraps the accused. In such cases the criminal associate lawyers of Dubaidebtrecovery.com use their extensive work experience to solve the cases with 100% success rates. The ratio of financial crimes is the highest as compared to the other crimes reported in the UAE. Financial crimes are of different types, some are listed here:
• Bounced Cheques
• Credit card frauds
• Bank loan
• Money laundering
• Public office offense
• Tax evasion
• Insolvency
• Domestic violence
• Sexual crime
• Harassment
• Theft: is the looting of any property or financial assets of an individual or an organization. It is using unlawful means of exercising power and pressure to the aggrieved party. Theft may at times be violent when the thief is armed or be abusive to the party in contact. Theft may include:
• Robbery
• Forgery,
• Burglary
• Identity theft
• Drug Crimes: the UAE laws are formulated in the light of the Islamic Sharia Law. Drugs and intoxication are strictly prohibited in Islam, hence in UAE following the Islamic paved path drugs crimes are heavy charges by the culprits. Dubai Department of correction is playing a vital role in controlling and rehabilitating the drug abused individuals. People are imprisoned for 4 years or more even if small traces of drugs are found and not being able to represent properly. As highly experienced criminal associate lawyers of Sharjah, we offer our representation to the accused in all drug-related crimes.

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