Family lawyers in Abu Dhabi

Family lawyers in abu dhabi

Family cases are the most sensitive matters while dealing in the courts for decision making. When it comes to family issues the family lawyers in Abu Dhabi, UAE give personal considerations into the matters and try to resolve the matters either through negotiation or mutual agreements. The family attorneys in Abu Dhabi, UAE scrutinize the cases regarding marriages, divorce, child custody, surrogacy, child adoption, alimony, property inheritance, and many similar cases. It is important for the family attorneys in Abu Dhabi, UAE to analyze and interpret the case of conflict as per the religion or sect the families belong to. Family Lawyers in Abu Dhabi have sound knowledge, experience, and exposure in dealing with thousands of family cases over the years and are highly renowned for amicably settling down the cases. Their priority is to always amicably resolve and reunite the families before the matters go for further prosecutions in the courts. 

The associate family lawyers of Dubaidebtrecovery.com (DDR) highly facilitate the parties filing the case in resolving the matters by giving personal considerations into the matters. The team of DDR utmost priority is to amicably resolve the matters out of court. We assure the privacy and confidentiality of the matter and families in these cases. Our associate Family lawyers in Abu Dhabi facilitate the clients not only in filing the case but assist them throughout the prosecutions in the courts. In case of absence, the associate lawyers of Dubaidebtrecovery.com offer their services in the courts as well. We have a team of the most experienced Emirati associate lawyers and have successfully resolved the cases related to:

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Associate family lawyers are well informed with the norms and beliefs of different cultures and religions. Through proper working, our team deals, with the marriage according to the religious requisites and register their marriages accordingly.


In case of divorce our associate divorce lawyers’, priority is to resolve the constraint between parties either through Arbitration, Meditation or amicable settlement. In case of consistent disagreement and disapproval the associate lawyers file a divorce on behalf of the parties. Confidentiality and privacy are highly protected in such cases and sensitivity f the issues are given great considerations.

Child Custody

During divorce and separation, the matter related to child custody is of prime importance. The family lawyers in Abu Dhabi, UAE try to resolve the matter through amicable settlement or negotiation. If the parties do not intend to resolve the matter of child custody amicably then the family attorneys in Abu Dhabi resolves the matter by deciding a child custody settlement in such a case where both the parties may be facilitated and no party should be exploited or face the sole damage of the decision. 


Irrespective of any religion or any sect, the act of surrogacy is totally prohibited according to the law of UAE. Our team of associate lawyers strictly adheres to the law of surrogacy of UAE and condemns any case which may be filed in favor of it. In the case of ex-pats, if the aim to go for surrogacy they should move to the countries where surrogacy is lawfully permitted.


The family attorneys of UAE make it mandatory to the husband to pay his wife alimony, maintenance of a child, and any other costs which the court may deem fit. In the case of expatriates, UAE Personal Status Law to implement the laws of their native country in accordance with alimony.

Property Inheritance

Property inheritance is the most common family issue in which every family at any point in time must suffer. The issue related to property inheritance, will and other such matters are looked after by our highly experienced and effective associate lawyers to resolve the issues with expertise.

And many similar cases

We associate family lawyers of Dubaidebtrecovery.com primarily seek the personal consideration and attachment of the parties towards the case filed. Privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance and cannot be harmed in any case. We proudly serve our clients regarding any sort of family issues. Arbitration, meditation and amicable settlement is our priority ways to resolve the disputes.
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