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The healthy working environment demands a good and healthy relationship between the employees and employers at the workplace. The unhealthy working environment can affect both employees and laborers. Therefore, the proper implementation of labor laws is compulsory. Labor laws mediate the relationship among employees, employers, and all other stakeholders. The labor law has designed at least minimum acceptable standards under which employees and contract workers are allowed to work. The labor law at the workplace is enforced by government agencies of the country. The three basic rights of any worker are (i) the Right to know (ii) the Right to Participate (iii) Right to refuse to work under any unhealthy and hazardous working condition.

Labor Laws in Abu Dhabi

The labor law serves the uniform purpose at every workplace. The main aim behind the labor laws is to ensure a safe & healthy working environment, work for the mental well-being of the workers and provide workplace diversity. The Ministry of Labor is the authoritative body to make sure the implementation of labor laws in Abu Dhabi and all other emirates of UAE. The safe and healthy working environment at the workplace is ensured by the rights and privileges that labor law gives to citizens. UAE Labor Law facilitates the productive and healthier relationship between the employees and employers at the workplace. 

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The rights of laborers in Abu Dhabi and other emirates are protected by the proper implementation of labor laws by government agencies. Abu Dhabi being the capital of UAE has one of the largest work forces and laborers locally and around the globe. The labor law of the UAE provides rights and protections to everyone. The labor law in Abu Dhabi and other emirates of UAE covers the multiple aspects and makes sure that all employees and workers are granted their rights and privileges. The most important aspects include employment terms, working hours, overtime, health & safety environment, harassment at workplace, unlawful dismissal, minimum wage, annual & maternity leaves and discrimination on the basis of religion, faith, caste, race and nationality. The prime focus behind developing the labor laws is to ensure that workers are treated fairly at the workplace but also making sure to keep in view the rights of employers.

Labor Law Lawyers in Abu Dhabi

Employment laws guide employers and employees and protect their rights & privileges mentioned in the law. According to the UAE Labor Law the employer is bound by law to adhere to all the protections and rights of employees and the workforce. The UAE Labor Law is unique and strong enough to provide protection to the workforce and laborers in the manufacturing & service sector both. The labor law in Abu Dhabi and other emirates of UAE states that there must be a written contract between the employee and employer with clearly written rights of the workforce. The written contract avoids any kind of disputes and confusion that may arise in the future between the employee and employer.

Our legal team of associates seasoned labour lawyers in Abu Dhabi and specialists in the Labor Law of UAE in Abu Dhabi has been providing their services for more than two decades. Clients can find one of the best legal experts in Abu Dhabi, UAE to resolve any kind of dispute or legal matter that may arise between the employer and employee. Due to the wide and extensive experience of our labor law lawyers in Abu Dhabi, UAE has solved thousands of successful cases with outstanding results. Every client at our law firms gets equal importance by our labor law experts and experts deal professionally with all types of cases.

 Our labor law attorneys provide legal facilitation to workers by giving them the best legal advice but keeping in focus that no unnecessary demands are raised against the employer. Our team of experts in Abu Dhabi, UAE provides legal assistance on multiple matters related to labor law including Unpaid Salaries, service benefits, absconding, labor Bans, services for arbitrary and unlawful dismissal, entitlements with employment and more. We provide you with unmatched and excellent quality of our services in Abu Dhabi, UAE to make the process free & fair and dispute free. We follow ethics and make sure that the rights of employers are also protected that no worker makes unnecessary claims.

Our other services related to labor law in Abu Dhabi, UAE includes

  • Assisting clients in the drafting of employment contract
  • Advising on Litigation matters to both parties
  • Representing company & employee before the Ministry of Labor Law, UAE educating & advising employees on their employment and protection rights in Labor Law
  • Assisting & facilitating the legal assistant in the hiring process
  • Employment handbooks
  • Facilitating in disciplinary procedures to both parties
  • Facilitation in UAE Immigration Visa
  • Legal facilitation for Employment Visa cancellation, Issuance, and its Renewal
  • Employment and Termination policies and decisions,
  • Wrongful termination of an employee
  • Providing legal assistance in the employment and termination policies and decisions
  • Unpaid Salary, End of Service Benefits, Compensations
  • Assisting in the interpretation of Obligatory Employment Laws & gratuity
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Facilitating in equity issues and basic human rights
  • Judicial reviews

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