Lawyers in Ajman

Lawyer in Ajman

The Arab heavy industries have their headquarters in Ajman. Ajman offers one of the greatest legal services in the area thanks to its highly skilled staff of attorneys, who facilitate their legal needs with excellent quality. We offer a wide range of legal services in Ajman, UAE, and have the most experienced team of experts and lawyers. The following are some of the legal services we offer:

Labor Law

In Ajman and other Emirates of UAE labor law protects workers and labors and make sure that their rights are protected, and they are provided with a safe and healthy working environment. Labor law mediates the relationship between workers, employers, trade unions, and government. Our lawyers in Ajman, UAE make sure that everything is as per law and provide legal services related to labor law matters such as:

  • Assisting in disciplinary matters
  • Providing consultation and assistance in drafting the HR policies and employment contracts
  • Providing legal facilitation on worker’s rights such as unfair dismissal, wage, working hour and etc
  • Facilitating in redundancy matters
  • Assisting in drafting the case and facilitating in the representation in front of courts on issues related to labor law


When a plaintiff files a case against a defendant, our experienced lawyers in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, offers legal assistance. Our seasoned attorneys offer their legal services and guidance in a broad list of similar situations:


  • Breach of Contract
  • Divorce Case
  • Personal injury or tort
  •  Property Disputes
  •  Cases
  • related to family law

Civil Cases

Civil law of any country deals with the private affairs of a person such as marriage, divorce, property disputes, ownership, legal contracts, and other family law related matters. Our lawyers in Ajman, UAE provide outstanding legal services to clients in this matter. Our lawyers have been successfully handling such cases for more than a decade and have international experience around the globe. We suggest you contact us on such matters and release your stress.

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The tax-related cases are successfully and professionally dealt with by our highly professional and expert lawyers in Ajman, UAE. We deal with locals and as well as ex-pats and provide unmatched tax-related legal services in the town. We deal with both at the private and commercial level.

Property rentals and intellectual property

We provide excellent and outstanding legal services in Ajman and all over the Emirates. We have a seasoned, expert, and specialized team of experts and lawyers especially for such cases. We have been successfully providing our services to both private and commercial clients. Our legal services include:

  • Transfer of property
  • Property disputes
  • Distribution of assets
  • Rental Issues
  • Intellectual Property such as copyrights, patents, etc.

Arbitration Services

Disputes and disagreements are part of life and can arise anywhere in personal and business life. It is always advisable to solve the dispute with the legal facilitation of an expert lawyer before dragging the case to courts. Arbitration is one of the best options to resolve the dispute outside the court on various complex and critical issues. It avoids dealing and wasting the time and energy in courts and minimizes the cost of all parties involved in disputes. The experts who provide such legal services make sure that the interests and rights of all parties involved are protected as per law. We in Ajman, UAE have most seasoned and talented lawyers to successfully resolve the disputes among parties making sure that both parties are satisfied. Our lawyers convince parties to mutually agree on any settlement plan that is acceptable by both parties. The most cases we deal with where disputes mostly arise are:

  • Spousal matters
  • Property Matters’
  • Execution of Contracts
  • Corporate Agreements
  • Breach of Contracts
  • Labor Law
  • Agreements on deals of sale and purchase
  • Debt Collection and debt recovery
  • Real Estate 
Our Associated lawyers and law firms in Ajman deals with legal matters such as tenant leases of office, Negotiation houses, acquisition of residential apartments, industrial, retail and other commercial space. Our Associated lawyers and law firms in Ajman intensely understand the fact that there are enormous stakes associated with the real estate. Considering this intensity, they deliver pre-emotive advice to solve these cases.

Criminal law

Under criminal law, when a person violates the law gets punished. For example, drug possession, personal offences, property offences, etc. Our Associated lawyers and law firms in Ajman provides the revolutionary solution to white-collar crimes and crimes of general nature. Our Associated lawyers and law firms in Ajman are best in the business.

Debt Collection

A well-known method of swiftly and skillfully recovering unpaid debts is to utilize Our Associated lawyers and legal companies in Ajman. Businesses are engaging the services of third-party debt collection companies in response to the changing demands of the debt collection Ajman agencies. Purchasing the products of Ajman’s law companies and our affiliated attorneys is a great way to deal with debtors. One of the best and most affordable methods of collecting bad debt is through them. High-performing debt collectors that consistently uphold the highest standards are employed by our Associated Lawyers and Law Firms in Ajman.

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