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The telecommunication industry is one in which communication falls. The digital communication in the world is possible because of telecommunication. The communication and data shared through the internet is because of the proper and well-established infrastructure of telecommunication industry. There are multiple companies in the market that provide telecommunication services around in their respective countries. The services provided by these companies usually revolve around the internet, wireless operators, cables, and satellites. There is much importance of the telecommunication industry as it plays a vital role and shares a major share in the country’s economy and great share in national and international legislation to ensure its stability. 

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Here our associates will provide you with basic information and legal advice if you are looking to invest in the telecom sector in the UAE and would like you to know the rights and privileges that it offers.

Major Segments of Telecommunication Industry

Various segments make up the telecommunication industry and just because of these segments the communication has been possible around the world. The main segments of the telecommunication industry are: 

Wireless Communication

It is one of the major and largest sectors of the telecommunication industry. This is the wireless communication that has enabled the whole population and world to connect. Through wireless communication, the data is transmitted from one place to another without involving any wires but through signals with the help of any device. This is the most widely used sector in the telecom sector. Wireless communication has several forms, technology and multiple delivery methods to perform its functions globally. The common one are:

  • Infrared Communication
  • Mobile Communication
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • Wireless Network Communication
  • Satellite Communication

2. Communication Equipment 

           The communication made globally in the telecommunication industry is possible because of efficient and innovative communication equipment to make the communication possible and easy. It is the hardware that is utilized for the communication purpose. Although it is a very broad term and there can be multiple things that can come under this category. The most prominent include customer premises equipment public, transmission equipment, and switching equipment. The most widely used communication equipment are:

  • Smart Phones
  • Internet Devices
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Walkie Talkie 
  • Television 
  • Radio

3. Long-Distance Carrier

In some words, Long-Distance Carrier is the Telephone Company or exchange that provides communication services in certain geographical areas. This is also one of the most widely used modes of communication and is one of the oldest models of communication in the modern world. The famous equipment used for this purpose is a landline phone.

Telecommunications Lawyers & Law Firms in Dubai, UAE,

The telecommunication industry changes rapidly as the technology advances. To be successful in the market and ahead of your competitors you must keep yourself updated daily. For this purpose, you need the legal facilitation of legal telecom experts to ensure that you are up-to-date as a telecom lawyer works with television, broadcaster, major telecom, government agencies, suppliers of equipment, online service provider and so forth. Our expert and professional telecom lawyers will help you to understand the technology and every innovation made in the industry. They will make sure you understand its uses, abuses, necessity, and rules and regulations that apply here. Our telecommunication lawyers in Dubai, UAE will provide you with complete information and knowledge on how to avoid cyber-crimes and how to deal with them. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of and global experience navigating the cutting-edge legal and regulatory issues. We have our clients ranging in size from start-up companies to major-big companies. Our team has extensive experience in providing services for mergers and acquisitions, FCC licensing proceedings, inter-carrier agreements, legislative and regulatory policy issues, and federal state and local court litigation. Being one of the best in Dubai and all over the Emirates we provide legal facilitation in the legal matters that you might encounter. We also provide outstanding and trustworthy advice on changes in laws, regulations, and policies and how these changes affect our client’s interests.

Our associate’s services in Dubai, UAE include 

  • Assisting in drafting and negotiating of commercial and technology agreements such as services, marketing, software licensing and confidentially agreement
  • Advising and providing correct information on data privacy laws
  • Advising and educating client on cloud, IT product and service matters
  • Invest time and effort to lessen the risks that the telecommunication industry might encounter with
  • Advising and providing up-to-date information to telecommunications companies related to their scope of work
  • Providing high-quality legal advice to all telecommunication companies

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