Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistic in Dubai

What is Transport & logistics?

The transport and logistics industry deals in the storage and movement of goods along with the planning, implementing and controlling the whole procedure. The main purpose of professionals behind all this procedure is to make sure that all goods are packed and stored properly and all the relevant documentation is done. Management of logistics is very crucial as it plays an important role in meeting the requirements of the customers by properly managing and maintaining the flow of goods from one place to another. Depending upon the resources and type of company some companies manage their logistics on their own but usually, businesses and companies outsource the logistics department.

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Transport & Logistic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Due to diversification plans; UAE has undergone a massive transformation in their logistic industry and is expected to drive the top logistics industry especially in the Gulf region. The economic diversification and trade free zones have boosted up the logistics industry in Dubai, UAE and have ranked Dubai among 10 global players in the logistics industry. Services under Logistics are as follow.

Courier Services

Usually, small-scaled items such as small boxes and parcels are sent through courier services like DHL, UPS, and FedEx. Such courier services usually deliver the items on an urgent basis with speedy recovery without causing damage to products.

Freight Services

Freight services usually cost a lot as the services are usually sought by clients who transport huge items. The industries that avail of this service are from oil & gas, machinery, and chemicals, etc. The modes of transportation used by these freight companies to deliver the goods are cargo planes, cargo trucks, and ships.

Warehousing Services

The warehousing services are also included in logistic services. The services involved here to provide enough and required space to store goods which are surplus in amount, which later can be transported, distributed or sold from the warehouse. You can also keep the record of inventory until it is received by the client.

There are four main types of logistics.

1. Procurement Logistics

One of the main and most important stages of logistic services is the management of procurement logistics. The systematic coordination in this step involves all the major aspects of procurement; doing extensive and proper market research, reaching the potential clients, bids and pricing, and making sure that goods are available in good quantity before they are shipped to customers.

2. Distribution Logistics

Distribution logistic, also known as sales logistics is an important link between the market and production unit, as it involves multiple tasks including the processing of the orders, items to be stored in the warehouse and finally transporting the goods to clients at the desired place if and when needed.

3. Green Logistics

Green logistics make sure and attempts to minimize and reduce the negative impacts on the environment of all logistic activities and its operations. The activities may include the mode of transportation used for logistic services, packaging of products and management of the warehouse.

4. Digital Logistics

The main purpose of digital logistics is to make sure that maximum optimization and collaboration are available among the whole chain. There must be a maximum and an extensive focus on the system that runs the whole logistic information, making sure that there is end-to-end visibility is available on inventory, orders and across the whole supply chain ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Transport & Logistic Lawyers in Dubai

Dubai, UAE has one of the most capable and expert lawyers in the transport and logistics industry. The legal consultants have been providing their services for more than a decade in Dubai, UAE. The legal consultants and lawyers are experts in the field of logistic management and the industry for advising and solving all the problems companies face related to transportation and logistics. The dispute can arise between the client and logistic company, the extensive expertise, and experience of lawyers ensure that both parties are heard. Legal consultants and lawyers in Dubai, UAE make sure that the dispute is settled amicably and both parties agree on some mutual grounds. The transportation lawyers in Dubai, UAE has gained international recognition worldwide due to their exposure, in-depth knowledge, and wide experience in the field. The lawyers make sure that all legal matters are dealt with professionally and help you in many numbers of ways in logistic & transportation industry. Our clients include logistic companies, brokers, freight forwarders, carriers, and shippers.

Our services include:

Ø Aircraft damage claims

Ø Personal injury claims

Ø Aerospace and Aviation

Ø Supply chain management and Logistics

Ø Acquisitions and Mergers

Ø Mediation and Arbitration

Ø Representation of clients on matters related to international shipping

Ø Representation of international airport authority on matters related to construction

Ø providing legal assistance to clients on tracking and pending transport legislation matters

Ø Legally advising all local, national and regional carriers

Ø helping in drafting the policies and regulations and making them align with the logistics and  transportation industry

Ø developing personal plans by the circumstances of the industry

Ø investigating the transportation accident

Ø representing the carriers in the buying, selling, or leasing of terminal facilities

Ø defending the clients in regulatory enforcement action

Ø handling defense of workers compensation claims of industry

Ø Contract agreements and shipping documents

Ø Preparing & reviewing transportation contracts, Representing carriers & shippers in disputes

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