Will Writing Services

Will Writing Services for Dubai Residents and Expatriates

Writing a will is a legitimate way of imparting the valuable assets and possessions of the owner to its heirs or
beneficiaries. But unsolicited will has many repercussions which not only create doubts amongst the heirs but also results in extensive clashes between the parties, afterwards. Therefore, will writing is a mandatory part in
securing the property in ownership, possessions and legal heirs from unwanted troubles. For this Dubaidebtrecovery.com provides will writing services in Dubai.

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Essentials of Will Writing Services

It must be noted that the person filing a will must be major, that is he must be of 18 years of age and of sound mind. Additionally, expatriates have the facility to make their wills in Dubai, and they can be implemented anywhere in UAE.


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Legal Implications of Will Writing

 Will solicitors ensure that the parties to the will may not suffer the complications in result of incomplete or improper wills and through their expertise they save them from frozen bank accounts either joint or single , delayed payments, cancellation of visas of the dependents and most importantly family misunderstandings. Wills and trusts in good will are generated to procure the rights of the heirs so that they might not be defrauded by anyone after the deceased and be able to manage the property in a legalized as well as desirable way by the law. Will drafting services in Sharjah, Fujairah, Al Ain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi by the Dubaidebtrecovery. com not only guide the client about the legal executions but also take into account the personal situations, hence mentoring the parties to the will, both the will maker and to the beneficiaries. For registering a will by an individual a lot many factors need to be taken into consideration which may include, the religion of the testator, marital status and legitimate child. The whole mechanism is primarily facially dependent on the personal circumstances and relations with the beneficiaries. So generally, wills are tailored to meet the requirements of the testator,

Guardianship Letter

In case where a person may not intend to make a will, he may write a guardian letter, to opt for a suitable option and specific guardian instructions, in case the beneficiary is a minor child. At times, this option is preferable for some parties, where both the legitimate parents are deceased. This proves to be a shelter for a minor child and his property, as well as provide him with Temporary Parents.

UAE Laws and DIFC Wills

It should be noted that UAE courts adhere to Sharia Law, while enacting the wills. In case, where the wills have been registered by non-Muslim, they must choose the laws of their native country in order to apply for the inheritance. This service of making a reasonable will by non – Muslims is also provided by the will’s solicitors. For non- Muslims government of Dubai has also launched DIFC wills where the non-Muslim expats have been given the opportunity to make investments and secure their properties with the legal ownerships apropos to their native lands, religion or intentions.

Dubaidebtrecovery.com is a team of leading associate lawyers, serving in UAE, for registering the wills of both Muslims and non-Muslims. They are highly experienced and proficient in drafting wills, and may also help in any alteration afterwards, if needed. This provides an ease to the testators to register the wills under the guidance of highly competent and experienced associate will lawyers in Dubai. The registering of will through Dubaidebtrecovery.com is an offer to the client for the lifelong service to ensure the security of the filer’s property and possessions where the team also provides the facility to change the testament as per the personal circumstances. Wills made in UAE, by the native parties (both Muslims and Non-Muslims) and expats to execute a lawful attempt to a peaceful transfer of power, property and possessions to the beneficiaries, according to the laws of Dubai and Sharjah.

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