Debt is a phenomenon that contains a monetary obligation of an organization or an entity that has received loans, services, facilities or products from the owner.  If all these items and services have a worth of cost then it is called a debt. It is good to take a debt or other services to settle a new business or earn money if there is no dispute.

Omitting payments, not returning money in time, bounced cheques, and unpaid service bills are the reasons that make a debtor as a defaulter.  It is the time when a creditor decides to send this matter to the debt recovery agency.

In the UAE, the debt recovery departments are keen to collect debt from the debtors professionally.  The law of debt recovery UAE is not so very sophisticated.  Sometimes, it becomes challenging for the creditors to collect the debt for some reasons such as;

  • The missing of proper financial lawsuits and documents can create trouble in collecting the debt. In this situation, the court leaves the matter to the Court of Cessation or the Federal Supreme Court to decide and make the judgment about the claims of the creditors.
  • Insolvency is another factor that a lender can face while collecting the debt.
  • The institution and its sub-institutions in the UAE run under the shade of state laws.

The law system in the UAE is rising with all its excellence.  But it is considered that the legal procedure of collecting debt in the UAE is unfavorable.  It is not only about the UAE but almost everywhere in the world, the legal procedure of debt recovery has less interest.  But outside the court, debt recovery UAE agencies are working in a better way that they don’t need to go to the state law firms.