The person who owns different assets like money, property, or anything can contact the courts of Abu Dhabi so that they can legally draft the will and all the assets could be distributed according to the wish of the testator. People usually prefer Abu Dhabi courts for registering the will as they do not strictly follow Sharia laws for Non-Muslims like all other courts in UAE. All courts follow Sharia Law expect for Muslims.


Benefits of registering a will in the Abu Dhabi Courts: 


There are multiple benefits of registering the will in Abu Dhabi Courts. The main one is:

No Sharia Law for Non-Muslims: 


The Abu Dhabi courts do not necessarily implement Sharia Law for Non-Muslims in preparation of the will for the distribution of the assets and a person can easily choose to write the laws of the home country or anything of their own choice. This will is legally accepted and registered in UAE Courts. Secure Bank Accounts: There are very strict laws regarding this in Abu Dhabi, UAE. At the time of death of the testator, all banks account including joint accounts will be frozen and no one from the deceased family or friends will be allowed to withdraw or make any kind of transaction from the account. The court will pass an order, and everything will be done according to the will of the person and in this case, registered


will in Abu Dhabi courts provide the quickest possible solution.


Allows Appointing Guardians: The courts of Abu Dhabi allow appointing guardians for children in the registered will. The person will be able to mention the preferences
for the guardianship of the child.


Protects the family of the deceased: The registered will in the courts of Abu Dhabi will save the family of the deceased from any
inconvenience & hassle and the distribution of assets will be done as mentioned in the will of the deceased.


Types of Wills under the Abu Dhabi Courts


There are two types that will be registered under the Abu Dhabi Courts. Single Will: This will be prepared by singles, married, widowed, and divorced couples for the distribution of their assets. This will be also prepared for husband and wife providing complete instructions about the distribution of assets. Mirror Will: This will be prepared among married couples, as there will be two separate wills prepared in this case one for the wife and one for the husband which will act as a mirror to each other.


Guidelines for Wills of Muslims in Abu Dhabi Courts


  • The Sharia Law is being followed in Abu Dhabi Courts According to Sharia Law 2/3 of the property is distributed among legal heirs and beneficiaries. The remaining can be used for funeral expenses.
  • The son may receive twice the share of the daughter according to the laws of Sharia.
  • In case of the death of the wife, the husband will get 1/4
  • Share (if they have children) and 1/2 share (if they had no children).
  • If the husband passes away the wife will get 1/8 share
  • (if they have children) and 1/4 share (if they did not have any children).
  • In case if there is no will,
  • the Abu Dhabi court will follow the rulings of Sharia Law for the distribution of the assets.
  • The guardianship of young kids will be given to the eldest male member on the father’s side of the family.

Guidelines for Wills of non-Muslims in Abu Dhabi Courts

There is very flexibility for registration of wills in Abu Dhabi for Non-Muslims. · In the absence of a will, the Abu Dhabi court will apply Sharia Law for the Distribution of assets. · The distribution of assets is not only limited to assets in Abu Dhabi but also outside if the will is registered with the Abu Dhabi Wills Registry which must include the names of the guardians of minor children of the testator. · As per UAE laws, the testator applying for registration, executors, guardians, and witnesses must be above the age of 21. · The testator must present before Notary Public if in case the appointed agent is representing the testator and original power of attorney must be submitted. · The documents must be translated into Arabic by a sworn official translator and later followed by the signature of the Ministry of Justice. · The Emirates Id and Passport (original and copy) and other documents related to ownership must be submitted as evidence for properties to be distributed.

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