A Notary or Notary Public is an individual & public officer who is appointed by the government whose main responsibility is to serve the public and to be a neutral party and witness for non-contentious matters & while signing any legal matter. The term “Notary Public” refers to common law. The major matters with which a notary deals are concerned with the power of attorneys, estates, deeds, and foreign & international business. The appointed notary official’s major responsibilities and functions are to take affidavits, statutory declarations, witness, administrate affirmations & oaths, authentication of certain & specific documents, provide notice of foreign drafts, and take acknowledgments of deeds and certain official acts as mentioned in the law. However, before signing any document it is the responsibility of notary officials to make sure that the document is legal, original & is properly overseen by the notary to avoid any kind of conflict and fraud that may arise later in the future. It is worth mentioning that any act of prejudice by notary officials related to a person’s religion, gender, nationality, or race is not tolerated and is taken as a serious matter by government officials.

Services by Notary Public in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

To perform specific legal tasks a notary public official is appointed by the government and concerned officials. In Arab countries including UAE, a notary official acts as the head of court but from outside the court as they perform their duties from the seat of the court. In order to develop an outstanding mechanism to facilitate the best notary services in Dubai and other emirates of UAE, the government of UAE has taken extensive and outstanding steps in this regard. They have developed the mechanism for the convenience of the public to get the notary services for authentication & attestation at the home of the client. The law of UAE stipulates that it is the duty of the Notary public to authenticate the transaction which is related to the personal status of Muslims & also make sure to also ratify the transaction which is related to the establishment of property rights, transfer, change & demise shall be documented and authenticated which is valid in Dubai, UAE. According to the laws of the UAE, it is compulsory for a person appointed as Notary to be an Arab national. However, in some cases, the court may exempt an Arab citizen from this condition provided that his experience is not less than 10 years at Notary. The law prohibits Notary to transfer any official document, paper, and records from his business place without the court’s approval unless the competent court or the President of the court allows him to.

The Electronic Service of the Notary Public in Dubai

As technology has advanced and we are living in a very advanced world. Keeping in view the technology and to save time, energy & effort through advanced technological procedures where one can execute the transactions through the websites of Dubai’s court. The client can upload the documents to be notarized, enters the required data, pay online & later decide the date to meet with the Official Notary to sign the documents within minutes.

Private Notary in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

⮚ In Dubai and other emirates of UAE, there are law firms that are regulated by the government that has the legal status to act as notaries. But now the courts of Dubai, UAE have authorized and allowed some private notaries to authenticate certain documents. However, private notaries cannot authenticate all kinds of documents.
⮚ The Private Notary in Dubai, UAE can attest to a marriage contract, partnership agreement, birth certificate, a sale-purchase agreement, ratification of will & a company’s contract.
⮚ It is important for people who avail of the services of private notaries to legally translate their documents into Arabic. This service is available in Dubai, UAE.
⮚ In the case of documents from another country, the relevant government should first attest to the documents later followed by UAE Notary officials.
⮚ The Declaration of Residency can be notarized by private notaries only in the case of the Emirate of Dubai and nowhere else.

Our Legal Consultations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For more than a decade our professionals have been providing their outstanding and most trusted services in Dubai and all over the emirates. We have an edge in handling and dealing with such matters due to the wide and extensive experience of our legal consultants. We always ensure professionalism in our approach and while dealing with the clients. We provide services as a Private Notary in Dubai, UAE with a trusted team of lawyers and legal officials. We also provide services for ratification of contracts, ratification of declarations, ratification of agencies & other related legal matters.