Labour and Employment matters are a reality for every business, and they might face it at any stage of their business cycle. For every business sector, labor laws are different and require a particular focus. Labour laws in the UAE provide many provisions for the protection of labor rights. Employers should strictly follow the defined rules to avoid legal complications. Our selected associate labour and employment lawyers in UAE deliver a wide variety of services to the clients such as:

  1. Employment Visa cancellation, Issuance, and Renewal
  2. UAE immigration Visa
  3. Wrongful Termination, Arbitrary Dismissals
  4. Unpaid Salary, End of Service Benefits, Compensations, Gratuity calculation
  5. Employment and Termination policies and decisions,
  6. Employment contracts drafting,
  7. Interpretation of Obligatory Employment Laws, gratuity,
  8. Human rights and equity issues
  9. Employment and termination policies and decisions,
  10. Judicial reviews
  11. Employment Contract Drafting
  12. Understanding of Obligatory Employment Laws, Gratuity
  13. Judicial reviews
  14. Human rights and equality issues
Labour Lawyers in Dubai

Labour Lawyers in Dubai

Our selected associate labour lawyers in Dubai not only offer the labour law advice for individuals; instead, they also serve large companies facing labour issues that could ultimately affect the image of the company. The labour market has now become far more complicated after the introduction of new technologies. Development of new business tactics like freelancing, outsourcing enhances the complexity even more. Our selected legal consultant deliver the most excellent services to the clients regarding labour and employment disputes, cost reduction, and saving, building better relationships of customers and employees. With 20 years of experience of our associate lawyers, they have learned that taking preventive measures at the initial stages eliminates the probability of conflict arousal at later stages. Our selected associate labour lawyers in the UAE provide knowledge about the labour laws and employment issues in order to resolve your matter. It is a fact that more competition and activities lead to more disputes. Our selected associate legal consultants believe in the delivery of highly prolific services to our clients.our Associates give legal suggestions according to UAE labour law.


 Labour and employment law organizes the relationship between employer and employee, also ensures the safety of rights. While hiring an employee, an agreement or contract has been signed. This would contribute to avoiding any confusion or misunderstanding. Moreover, it restricts employees from making inappropriate claims.


Our selected associate legal services in middle east possess extensive knowledge of the local legal system(labour law Dubai,UAE). Additionally, they focus on every critical aspect of labour law. They have developed high-quality standards on which they do not compromise. Considering the sensitivity of the case, our associates’ employment lawyers in Dubai  provide appropriate services and assure the complete satisfaction of our clients.l in

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