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Advocates in Dubai

Our Associated law firm in Dubai is well known leading law firm positioned in UAE. Our Associated lawyers in Dubai possess the expertise of dealing the legal issues of complex nature and satisfy the customers residing in UAE having any sort of legal problem.


Our Associated lawyers in Dubai communicate the understanding of every aspect of Dubai and UAE law in general, including drafting contracts, business setup in Dubai and the UAE, incorporating companies, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, UAE Labor Law, Employment Disputes, Property Disputes, Banking Law, Insurance Law and Debt Recovery, criminal cases, civil cases, labor law-related cases, litigation and arbitration, and intellectual property related cases and tax consultation. Our Associated lawyers in Dubai have extensive knowledge of the UAE legal system and structure. They offer services to the customers ranging from the multinational organizations to the small private ones. Our Associated lawyers in Dubai represent the clients in a full array of court cases including Property Cases, Commercial Cases, Civil Cases, Criminal Cases, Employment Cases, Divorce Cases and Family Law Cases, and Arbitration.

Labor Law

Labor law describes the relationship between employees and employers. The range of services in labor law comprises disputes between employee and employer, advice on retirement benefits, protection of rights of labor. Our Associated lawyers in Dubai completely realize the legal complexities of labor law in an organization.

Criminal law

It refers to rules of the legal system which is defined by the government as recognized as a threat to safety property, theft, defamation, fraud, health, safety and moral welfare of people. Our Associated lawyers in Dubai are well able to handle criminal cases in an efficient manner.

Civil law

It includes the laws that govern to resolve the disputes between individuals such as legal contracts, property, and family law.


Our Associated lawyers in Dubai offer litigation by assisting in filing the lawsuit with the court. However, Our Associated lawyers prefer an out of court settlement resolution of the cases.

Intellectual property and property rentals

Our Associated lawyers in Dubai have years of experience in dealing with cases in areas like patents, trademark, sourcing, copyrights, trade secrets and data privacy and security.

Tax consultancy

Our Associated lawyers are effective in delivering tax consultation such as submitting tax return etc.


Clients acquire advice on reaching a resolution in the most peaceful way.


Insurance related to protection against financial loss. Our Associated lawyers advise the clients across a wide variety of insurance related matters
Disclaimer:We are not a law firm. We act as a bridge between clients and lawyers. We generate online referrals and transfer inquiries to our associate lawyers or law firms in the region. We forward the inquiry to the top quality associate lawyers or law firms.

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