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Dubai Debt Recovery (DDR) is a team of highly qualified and expert associate lawyers cannot be done without professional lawyers in Abu dhabi. We are providing legal services in all areas of law with the help of our supporting consultants and advocates. After serving the people of UAE for more than 25 years, we have maintained our position in the best legal service providers in all emirates of UAE. Our broad network of associate legal consultants, advocates, and lawyers is not only available within the premises of the UAE but among the Middle East as well.

Our associate legal attorneys are devoted to providing professional guidance to all your law-related queries and assist you in resolving the issues as per the law. We study the case in-depth after collecting the relevant details and provide the best advice with the help of our most experienced lawyers. We have reached the position of one of the best hired and trusted legal services providers with the help of our adept advocates in Abu Dhabi. Our associates provide legit support in all sorts of cases such as business, family, corporate, criminal, and debt recovery. hire lawyers in Abu dhabi

Law Firms in Abu Dhabi

We support you in dealing with legal issues while abiding by the rules and regulations of the country. Our consultants and associate advocates have deep knowledge and understanding of legal procedures followed in UAE which helps finding the perfect solution for your legal issues. We are known to be the best lead generation firm for assisting people in their issue with the support of our associate lawyers. We make the legal procedures easier for you by locating the best lawyer near you. Our firm in the Middle East is committed to serving with dedication and passion to meet your legal needs.

Trusted Legal Advisors and Advocates

We are among the best-rated attorney as an associates in the Abu Dhabi who is proficient in connecting people with the legal service providers which match their needs. Our associate legal service providers are covering a variety of law areas to assist you in the best possible way. The experience of our associates is accumulated over two decades which makes them adept in dealing with a range of cases. Lawyers linked with us ensure to meet your concerns in any kind of legal matter while abiding by the rules and regulations.

lawyers in abu dhabi

Our associates firm believes in giving importance to reliability and loyalty when it comes to dealing with our clients. We are listed in the top providing services with our associate consultants and lawyers’ for resolving issues correlated with international law. We are trusted by hundreds of people within and outside the UAE due to our highly efficient associate counselors and advocates. These lawful attorneys are our strength as they are dealing with the versatility of legal matters to serve the public. Our key strategy is to ensure that justice is served among all the individuals as per the lawful practices.

Our Legal Services include

  • Divorce/Family Law

From dealing with divorce cases to child custody, adaptation, and other family-related matters, our expert associates are skillful in providing consultation. Leading lawyers and legal consultants in Abu Dhabi are linked with our firm thereby ensuring the best support in the time of distress. Our associates have experienced in dealing with divorce and family law.

  • Criminal Law

We start with legal proceedings such as apprehension, charging, running trails, choosing the mode for convicting the offender, and setting penalties. The criminal law deals with criminal violations and offense. Our associate Abu Dhabi lawyers have in-depth knowledge of various fields to assist you in related cases.

  • Labour Law

We have a team of associates legal consultants and lawyers, who will resolve all your worries related to labor law. The collective employment law mediated issues between employee, employer, and union whereas individual law is related to the employees’ right at work. We will provide legit help in arbitrating relations between employer, employer, and union after looking into the dispute legally.

  • Real Estate Law

Real estate or property law governs a broad array of constraints related to the land and building. It specifies who can use your property and what the limitations on owners and purchasers are. Our associate lawyers in Abu Dhabi have an expert understanding of the law related to property thus provide reliable guidance and support.

  • Banking and Finance Services

Business and finance law focuses on every contact-based relation between lenders and borrowers and it also governs all money-relate matters form business deals to individuals’ agreements. Lawyers associated with our firm have great exposure in managing such matters. We will handle your financial disputes ensuring a beneficial outcome with the help of our associates.

  • Commercial/Corporate Law

Drafting legal documents including agreements, deals, and contracts as well as dealing with all sorts of commercial treaties to leans, that is what our associates are efficient in Commercial and Corporate Law related matters. With the long history and high success rate of our associated legal consultants and advocates, we promise to provide your best services as an . lawyers in Abu dhabi

We are providing legal services for:

  • Immigration law
  • Debt collection
  • Insurance law
  • Accident Claims
  • Shipping Cases
  • Fraud Issues

To know more about our services, contact us directly through a call or send your queries via email or fax.

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