It is a must that you go through all of the rules for a visa for the country you are visiting. However, if you have planned a trip to go UAE, then take in these new rules with you that they have introduced for a visa. The new visa rules Oct 2022 claim to now have a 10-year golden visa scheme which is expanded further. It also includes a 5-year green residency favorable to all skillful workers, only to those who are associating with UAE, as well as a multiple-entry tourist visa. This allows them to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days.

It is a known element that all of these changes can bring a significant amount of change within the country. This will impact the tourist sector as well as the job employees in the country. That is because these visa rules are applicable to tourists as well as job seekers in UAE. UAE has some strict rules when it comes to different things. This is why it is important for everyone to take notice when it comes to going as a tourist in that country, living, or looking for a job. Hence, keeping up with the visa system in UAE is vital. That is because it will let you know about all the advantages that you can possibly get. Also, about the things you should not be too fond of.

The new visa rules in UAE 

The new visa rules make it easier for people to apply for different sectors. It also helps explore UAE as a whole. Hence, because UAE is one of the biggest tourist destinations, you can easily get to know more about visa applications. You must know the benefits it applies to different people who are looking to come to UAE, whether for job purposes or vacation. Hence, below are some of the main key features of the changes.

  1. Now, there will be a 5-year green visa which is kept under the UAE’s immigration laws that will now allow foreigners to sponsor themselves. They can do this without the assistance of UAE employees or nationals. Hence, this visa is more toward freelancers, skillful workers as well as investors.
  2. All of the people who hold a Green card can now sponsor their family members who are set according to the newest amendment.
  3. Anyone who holds a Green card will have a time frame of 6 months to renew their new permit after it expires, which is also set according to the latest rules.
  4. The Golden visa is now applicable to investors, people who hold exquisite talent as well as business owners.
  5. This golden visa offers a 10-year residency option which extends.
  1.  The golden visa holders can now also sponsor their children as well as relatives.
  2. If the holder of the golden visa has passed away, their family members can continue to live in UAE as long as the visa is still working and has its authenticity to work.
  3.  People who have the benefit of having 100% ownership will be able to now get a hold of the golden visa, which is stated under the latest immigration regulations.
  4. According to the new laws, tourist visitors can stay in UAE for 60 days.
  5.  If the visitor has a five-year multi-entry tourist visa, then they can stay in UAE for 90 days
  6. Professionals can now look for jobs without having a sponsor or a host due to their job exploration visa.

Withdrawal your difficulties by seeking a professional lawyer 

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 The major differences between the old and new visa laws

There are tons of differences that are visible, which has made tons of changes. Hence, one of the main differences was that you, the tourists, can now stay up to 60 days. Before, the old law had that they were only able to stay for 30 days. Hence, because of UAE’s mesmerizing growth, they have tourists given a much better duration. They can roam around UAE; they can take a look around, and enjoy the beautiful resorts for tourists.

Moreover, one of the best changes is that in the new visa law, professionals can search for jobs without having any sponsor. The golden visa is also now applicable to a wider range of people, and they can also further be passed on to their family members until the visa is working.