The relations and issues that are basically related to employment regarding to the private sector in the United Arab Emirates are all that came under labor laws. The employment sectors are overall administered and planned through Federal Law No. 8. This law is dependent on Regulation of Labor Relations intended for the year 1980. Now the question arises about hiring of foreign employees as they need some registration procedure to make. Hiring of foreign employees in the United Arab Emirates demands the fulfillment of firm registration procedures such as residence visa.

In case, if an employee is not equipped with the required work permission and/or business sponsorship. In that case, article 13 of the Labor Law accommodates the employer retaining a foreigner to acquire permission and/or business sponsorship from the Ministry of Labor. The Labor Law of UAE is made for the purpose of protection of employees overall and surpasses incompatible promised provisions approved under additional dominion, except they are helpful to the worker. Moreover, this law is appropriate to the Free Zones taking into the justification that there is no work permit.

What are the disciplinary Rules required at the Workplace?

What Article 102 defines?

Here are the rules that are imposed upon by employers in case of any disruptive action:

  • Caution

If the employees do somewhat wrong, the employer will have the ability to notify the employees for their wrongdoing.

  • Fine

If the employees commend an offense, the employer will be permissible to take fine from them.


The employer can defer the employee and the pay of suspension period will be deducted but not more than a period of ten days.

Rescheduling of Bonus

If the employees don’t follow the laws at the workplace, the employer will be capable to defer their periodic bonus.

Endorsement Deprivation

The employee will be dispossessed of promotion in case of any offense or misdoing. At the workplace or elsewhere that causes damage to the employer or the company is highly regarded.

Work release

The employer can release the employee but there should be no preconceptions in case of the end of service gratuity.

Work Dismissal with Gratuity Deprivation

The employer has the ability to take away the whole gratuity or a part of the gratuity of the employee. This can take place in circumstances where the employee’s misbehavior has caused a liability or damages.

What Article 109 states?

If the worker commends an offense or does an act outside the workplace, no permit will be forced on them until or unless the act is some way connected to the workplace. Also, no more than one endorses can be imposed on the worker combined.

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