It is highly important to keep good and strict laws so that there are no crimes that are coming on their way. It is always the duty of the government to create harmony and peace, which is always going to happen with a strict set of laws. No matter how many rules you create, if they do not have any implementations, then they will not come to use. Hence, to ensure that everyone is following and there is social solidarity within the country, some fines and tickets are necessary. Hence, UAE has some strict laws when it comes to alcohol. It is that illegal alcohol selling in Dubai is against the laws and will have strict action. The laws mainly concern the buying, possession as well as consumption of alcohol.

Tons of people might question these rules because it is normal in most areas. However, because of religious morals and rules, alcohol is a soft topic, and it is taken very seriously. Therefore, this is mainly the reason why there are some strict laws on alcohol within the UAE. When considering the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, which was set in 1972, said that anyone who involves in activities as such without a proper and authentic license would be serving punishment legally. However, there are some new elements that are now there which are done to make the country more tourist friendly. These laws, which relate to alcoholism, divorce, inheritance, and relationships before marriage, are addressed in the amended of November 2020.

The statement of Alcoholic Beverage Control Law 1972

It is clear that the laws are going to keep continuing and changing by looking at the current conditions as well as Islamic laws. Therefore, the law of 1972 was that no one in UAE, even visitors, can consume, buy, or possession of liquor unless or until they have the authentic license to do so. This license is issuable from the official Licensing Authority in UAE. Therefore, by looking at the law, the exporting, offering, importing, manufacturing, selling, and supplying of alcohol is a violation.

Therefore, the law is clear about the different acts that carry with alcohol. You need to ensure that you have a license that is valid. Hence, when you have this, you will be able to have permission to consume alcohol. There are different types of liquor licenses that you can get in the UAE.

  • This license allows you to import alcohol from any area.
  • This license allows you to sell the alcohol to any customer or any third party, and this can happen from either a warehouse or a shop.
  • This license allows you to serve alcohol. However, this can only take place in restaurants and clubs as well as in hotels in UAE.
  • This license allows you to purchase alcohol.

If any of these licenses are not available to the person and they are still doing any activity with alcohol, then they are going to be getting punishment. These are legal penalties because of having an invalid or no license at all to deal with alcohol. Hence, the punishment for the consumption and sale of alcohol is valid to implement. Some other requirements you need to follow when it comes to dealing with alcohol are:

  • The consumption of alcohol is only permissible in private areas and at places that have a license.
  • The buyer should be at the age of 21 years old or older.
  • The sale should be for personal use, such as consumption by the buyer. They cannot sell back the liquor.

The allocating of punishments

As alcohol is a sensitive topic in the UAE, it is important to follow the rules and regulations. Therefore, if anyone breaks them, then there are some legal punishments that will be in action. Some of these punishments include:

  • 5000 Dhm fine
  • The possession of all materials by the court, confiscating them
  • Imprisonment for six months
  • The person can have a fine as well as go to prison all at once.

There is another offense which is if you get liquor from a shop that has a license and then aims to resell it. This is a violation of circular no. 67, which displays by the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi. Hence, the punishment is also accessible under the Federal Law No. 3 of the Penal Code 1987, which is:

  • If the violation takes place the first time, then they need to pay 100,000 AED.
  • If the person commits the crime the second time, then the amount will double, making it 200,000 AED during the second time.

Another crime that you can commit is selling liquor below the age of 21. Hence, if this is the scenario, then the punishment will be:

  • 40,000 AED for the first time committing the act.
  • If they continue to repeat the crime, then they will be fined 60,000 AED
  • The third time, the fine will move up to 80,000 AED.

Those who are smuggling liquor into UAE, or even outside, will also have a punishment to face. When cases such arise, then they will have to go to court to solve the matter. Therefore, they will set the penalties accordingly.

There are rules and regulations set for everything. Therefore, drivers that are under the influence should not be driving. When we take a look at the law, then the alcohol within the blood of the driver should be 0.00. Hence, if this is above 0.00, then they should be expecting a punishment. The punishment can be:

  • The driver will get arrested because it is a crime to drive under the influence of alcohol.
  • The fine will be 20,000 AED. However, it will vary by looking into the severity.
  • The court will take away the vehicle of the driver
  • There will be 23 black points which will be given to the driver.

Hence, all of these punishments are applicable to different things. All of these actions are there for the safe being of Muslims in the country. It is also to ensure the safety of the rest of the citizens in UAE.