Advocates in Dubai are the best lawyers who provide their services in the best way. They use their legal knowledge to give legal services to their clients and get their fee for handling the client’s case. They perform different tasks on their client’s behalf and protect the rights of clients by taking the right steps in legal matters.

The advocates in Dubai cannot practice in the territory of Dubai unless they are registered with the Ministry of Justice. They should enroll their names in the list of practicing lawyers maintained by the Ministry of Justice. If any lawyer remains inactive and does not provide any legal service to any client for one whole year, then the Ministry of Justice takes his name out from the practicing lawyer’s list to non-practicing list of lawyers. The license of practice is to any advocate only if certain conditions are followed and met properly by the applicant.

Most of the advocates in Dubai are fluent in Arabic and English and other languages of the UAE region. They are aware of all the legal issues defined by the UAE and Dubai government. They provide their services to clients keeping in view the law of Dubai in the relevant field.

Different areas of practice include labor law, tenancy law, cyber law, family law, financial law, telecommunication law, maritime law, data protection, dispute resolutions, debt collection, insurance law, restructuring of companies matters, transportation field etc

Only the selected advocates in Dubai get the permission to appear before the Dubai Court, the right of Audience to all courts is not issued to all practicing lawyers in Dubai. There are certain requirements which an advocate has to meet before achieving this right of audience for the court hearings. All the legal documents are drafted by the advocates of Dubai as per the policy.