It is a well-known fact that UAE is ranked as the country with the highest rate of divorce. The legal process to file and get a divorce will cost between Dh 8,000 to Dh 12,000 in UAE. But there is an option to reduce the costs if a couple decides to resolve the matter as amicably as possible.

A number of reasons have been accounted for this high divorce rate such as marital infidelity, communication gap, misunderstanding, job loss, religious and cultural differences and more. But the question is how a couple should proceed to get their divorce in a proper and legal manner?


Majority of the Islamic marriages and divorce cases are dealt with according to Sharia Law. In Dubai, a couple can go to Dubai courts for their divorce case. They will need to file their divorce case by registering at the Moral & Family Guidance section. After the submission of the divorce case, an appointed counselor will approach the couple for guidance and reconciliation. If both parties insist on taking divorce then the case is put forward for hearing in the courts. A similar, result will occur if one party wants to reconcile and the other insists to take divorce.


Non-Muslims and other ex-pats can also file for divorce in UAE. They have the facility to file their cases in either their home country or in the UAE. It is up to the choice of the couple, that how they want to get divorced in UAE.

Divorce can become a complex matter for ex-pats if they want to file their case in local courts instead of their own home country. As we all know that that UAE follows Sharia Law to solve family and divorce cases, but these laws conflict with the laws of other countries and regions. Legal matters such as child support, custody, alimony and the division of assets can become a serious headache for both parties and it will become difficult for any party to accept the decision of the court.

Financial expenses can increase to a great extent in this case as the aggrieved party will not accept the decision and then they will file the case in their native country thus another phase of court hearings and financial expenses will get started.

This condition can get worse if both parties belong to different countries and fail to agree on how they will proceed to put forward their case. These things must be decided as soon as possible to avoid further emotional, psychological and financial loss.


As a general fact, it is recommended to seek the services of a professional divorce lawyer available to you, who must have the full knowledge of local and Sharia law of UAE.  Jurisdiction is the most critical matter in this case which greatly influences the divorce and financial settlements. Generally, a questionnaire is given to a lawyer for this purpose so he can inform the parties about the expected place and expenditure of the divorce case.

The estimated costs of a divorce case are around Dh 8,000 to 12,000 excluding any additional disbursements. The above said expenditure is for a divorce case without adding financial settlements.

Moreover, the time frame to resolve divorce cases is directly linked with the complexity of the case. Usually, divorce cases are resolved within three to six months, but some cases can take more time according to the level of complexity and difficulty involved.